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South African Online Gambling

Online Gambling can be defined as taking a bet on an uncertain outcome or a game of chance for stakes. Online gambling is the general term for gambling over the internet. There are a variety of online gambling types, which are categorized according to their interface. Web based online casinos are website based casinos that do not require the downloading of any software. The games on these websites require quite a high bandwidth and use browser plug-ins such as Flash, Shockwave or Java.

Download based casinos, as with the majority of South African online casinos require the download of some software which enables to client to play without compromising their bandwidth. The software connects to the casino service provider without browser support and these online casinos are generally faster than web based sites.

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Live and download casinos are now becoming more common where players are now able to interact with actual real time, live games that are being played in a world casino environment. The players are able to see, hear and chat to the dealer and the other players. This innovation has been made possible by the introduction of live video streaming software into the online casino packages.

So is it skill or luck?
Beginners often ask if online casino games require skill or if they are a game of chance. Some casino games do require skill and some are purely based on luck but some types require a combination of both. Examples of skill based games include Blackjack and Poker and an example of a luck based game would be slots.

Experienced and professional gamblers have increased their skill levels by analyzing their previous wins and by memorizing and using mathematical prediction methods to determine the probability of winning. This helps to reduce their losses – beginners can do the same by using opportunities to develop their skills, increase their knowledge of the games and reduce the house edge.
Practice does make perfect in this case! Veteran gamblers also tend to play those games that have a smaller house edge, loading the game in their favour and providing with a house edge of just 1% in some cases. Luck based games are different from skill based games as there is little that you can do to influence the outcome. A win or a loss is purely random!

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